Setting a Blog and Art Record (Black Lips 5.0)


Not only am I doing more art lately, I’m doing a lot more blogging and this “sharing-progress” thing! Cheers to Black Lips 5, where I really tried to work on hair, to writing two posts in one day, and cheers to all of you who are keeping me focused, motivated and liking my work.

Progress Shot:


All the Black Lips so far:


I’m thinking of doing some test prints for these eventually…



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One response to “Setting a Blog and Art Record (Black Lips 5.0)

  1. dianevdbosch

    Hey Ania,

    I would like to thank you for posting this on your WordPress. Personally I didn’t see the use of posting personal things at first, I have to use it for my study. But you inspired me with your work! and thanks for the pic’s who showed the materials and the work together, so i can use it myself!

    Have fun with your work! 😀

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